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About Us

We are a community of Muslim women with an aim to support and create opportunities for each other by utilizing the unique experiences, lifestyles, challenges, and aspirations we have. We strive to promote success and encourage mentorship within our community.

Who should join our network?

This networking group is for Muslim women who are dedicated to developing themselves and uplifting fellow Muslim women in their pursuit of personal, social and professional development. This is a platform for those seeking mentors or mentees, for those looking to teach and learn from other Muslim women.

How can you get involved?

Every networking group starts with a vibrant community of individuals, so share this page and help us grow our community. Share a story of the Muslim woman that inspires, supports and encourages you in your endeavors. We would love to feature women who embody the spirit of our network. Sign up to our mentorship program as a mentor or mentee. This group is for you! Promote your business, product, project or events with other Muslim women. If you have recently reached a milestone or achieved a goal, tell us your story!

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